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XcalableMP is a directive-based language extension for scalable and performance-aware parallel programming model. The specification of XcalableMP has been designed by XcalableMP Specification Working Group which consists of us and members from academia, research labs, and industries.

We also have been developping the Omni Compiler, which is a collection of programs and libraries that allow users to build code transformation compilers. The Omni Compiler supports XcalableMP, OpenACC, and OpenMP.

Co-Design Projects : SCALE

images/scale-logo.gif Team SCALE (Scalable Computing by Advanced Library and Environment) consists of researchers of climate science and computer science in R-CCS. The SCALE project is to develop the LES-scale atmospheric model, which archives efficient performance on the K computer and massive scalar machines in the future.

Framework and programming for Post Petascale Computing (FP3C)

FP3C is a collaborative project between France and Japan. The goal of the FP3C project is to contribute to establish software technologies, languages and programming models to explore extreme performance computing beyond petascale computing, on the road to exascale computing.